Octave higher signs are moved out of position during video playback on YouTube.

• Apr 24, 2018 - 02:41
Reported version
S4 - Minor

MuseScore Version 2.2.1
Windows 7 64-bit

I'm having a frustrating problem with video playback on Youtube distorting my
octave higher or any octave signs. They are getting moved during the
playback to incorrect positions, sometimes in empty space above a rest.

The anchors are correct. I thought maybe the problem was slurs above or near
the octave signs, but that is not the problem. It seems to be a video
playback issue when it is on Youtube. This is a bad problem, because it
makes the scores look very unprofessional and I don't know what to do do
about this. I just signed up today for Pro account.

I thought I was making a mistake; but now since there is no distortion during
playback in the software itself or in the printouts of pdf's etc. I think it
is a different problem? Further testing showed that even without a slur the octave signs were being moved during video playback on Youtube , two or three measures away from their correct position. Surrounding slurs and notes don't seem to have changed position; only the octave signs.

In Measures 24 and 26 in the newly uploaded song "Fascination", the octave higher signs move out of position during Youtube scrolling. Measure 24 oct. sign moves to measure 27 and the 15va in measure 26 moves left to measure 23.

I checked margins, frames, slurs, everything I could thinks of and tested this about 20 times! No matter what I do the octave signs are moved out of position. Other octave signs are mostly ok, but many show minor movements even when just over a single chord. They are not locked into position during the video playback on Youtube.

I will attach copy of the song I'm referring to. I tried to correct errors best I could, and still posted it on youtube, where you can actually see the measures 24 and 26 with the shifted octave higher signs.
Hope this is specific enough. I did notice one other thing; measure 21 I think gets shifted out of original position during the video playback on youtube to the next staff and it looked like in measure 19 the font during video scrolling was larger and caused shifting of measures? I checked my frames and page margins and could not find anything.

When you play the song on MuseScore site, it looks fine; but on YouTube, not.


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