For some reason couldn't change tempos...worked when opened the file in another computer and after rebooted computer

• Apr 28, 2018 - 04:27

Strange bug...I can't reproduce unforunately. On 2.2.1 on arch linux running via jack. For some reason changing tempo either via changing the tempo text or changing actual value in inspector wouldn't work. Happened on more than one score. Sent the file to another computer (win) and worked fine. Edited that file in win and sent back to my linux computer, but that file still wouldn't reflect the tempo change. Rebooted my linux computer and everything is working ok.

Sorry can't be up much help without being able to reproduce, but just posting here incase someone else has this problem ever.


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Hi Mike, I don't think the issue I'm having on is due to invisible bar lines as I just had it happen in a session without any invisible bar lines.

Here's the session, I selected the rest in bar 42, double clicked a tempo marker from the palette but it didn't show up. I then restored MuseScore and it was in place.

(Using 2017 MBP, High Sierra 10.13.3, MuseScore 2.2.1)

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Oh, I see! sorry Mike, I thought you meant staff lines! Oops! Thank you for explaining it to me.

Yes, I can see how that could cause a problem! I put the invisible mute stave in so that my midi keyboard plays in concert when nothing is selected. I was getting semitone trumpet clashes with the concert pitch sound for my keyboard.

I'll report back if it doesn't happen with score's without it.

Thanks again.

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Don't worry about it. You don't spend the time I do on the forums and I forget visitors don't always understand the lingo.

More important would be to report if it DOES happen in a score without the invisible staff. The MIDI keyboard might be a factor as well. Since I'm not a programmer I don't know for sure. Until a programmer (like @ericfontainejazz) can reproduce the problem it is impossible to tell what combination of factors results in the invisible Tempo. The fact that you have to reboot to get the tempo to appear, really makes me think it IS a combination of the invisible first staff and the MIDI keyboard. Eric didn't respond if he had an invisible first staff, but I'm pretty sure he has a MIDI keyboard.

I'm curious if there is a correlation between using the keyboard and the invisible tempo mark. For example, was playing the MIDI keyboard the last thing you did before adding the new tempo? Somehow the Tempo is being applied to the invisible staff, so it is being added as invisible. After you restart MuseScore, the System Text (Tempo Text) becomes visible. I wonder if switching between continuous and page view fixes it. As you probably know, Tempo Text always appears above the first staff. MuseScore has decided that you have selected the invisible staff when you add the tempo that is not displayed.

Sorry for the rambling, these are just some things to consider for you and anyone trying to reproduce the problem.

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