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• Apr 28, 2018 - 05:41
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When printing parts from scores, it seems to be pulling parts from various scores and prints them all on one page. For example, I created a score for Take Me Home with a piano part, two violin parts, a viola part and a cello part. Then wrote the harmonies for the second violin and tried to print just that part. It pulled the score for Danny Boy (which wasn't even open) and a score from Scarborough Fair (not open either) and printed the part for 2nd violin on top of both of those! I updated my program, restarted my computer, reopened the program and the score for Take Me Home, clicked on the Violin II part and clicked print from the drop-down in file. Same result. So I exited the program, shut down the computer and left it off for two hours. Then rebooted, restarted Musescore, opened the Take Me Home score, clicked on the violin II part and clicked print again... same result; scores from other works printed on top of the violin II part making it illegible.

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Status (old) won't fix needs info
Status won't fix needs info

Very interesting bug. I'm curious if you tried to delete the parts and redo them if this fixed it. Also, were the other files open when you created the parts originally. Finally what type computer, operating system and printing method are you using including the printer driver.

I can't reproduce this. Can you give precise step by step instructions to reproduce? I opened your file, clicked the Violin II part (the only part that currently exists), printed, and got exactly what I expected.

Also, sorry to ask a dumb question, but are you sure the paper you were printing on was blank?

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Not a dumb question... a good one. And I discovered I could print to a different printer with no problems! I also learned I could not reply to your email but rather had to login to musescore to reply. The problem is with the printer, not Musescore... I thank you for your time. Problem solved, not a bug after all...