General discussion forum for sharing compositional and soundfont design ideas?

• May 26, 2018 - 21:08

Here goes... Classic underachiever, with some talent but fewer actual connections, seeking a place on Musescore where people gather to shoot the breeze about current projects. Does one already exist here, or would it detract from the open software development mission that Musescore does exceptionally well?

Currently making modifications to the already excellent Symphonic soundfont, also curious to discuss and learn some finer points of etiquette and protocol when extending the work of others.


This is the place for most of the subjects you have mentioned. If you start a thread on almost any of these subjects, there will likely be some discussion. If you would like comments on a piece you are currently working on or have completed, then Made with MuseScore is the proper forum. There is also a soundfont forum.

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