Order of Drums Displayed in Drum set Palette

• Jun 5, 2018 - 12:08
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Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Current sort order for display of drums within a drum set is based on value of MIDI pitch. MIDI pitch value, however, does not necessarily correspond to any logical grouping or frequency of use of a particular drum.

Ideally, the order of drums would be displayed according to both logical grouping (ex: hits, accessories, cymbals, etc.) and frequency of use.

It is proposed that sort order for display of drums within a drum set be listed according to the order defined in the instruments.xml file, allowing control over exact sort order.

Example of current sort order:


I was just going to file this. Since we only get 7 keyboard shortcuts I depend heavily on entering wrong notes and then arrowing them up or down. I cannot hope to remember the order, so I just randomly pick a direction and keep going until I finally get to the right one.

(Note that if I could control the order I would probably just choose staff line order anyway, since that's easier to remember for arrow up/down purposes. So if it just changed to sort that way, and still wasn't customizable, I could live with that.)

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You can edit the drumset to any shortcuts (A - G) you want. You can then assign A a the drum on the bottom line, B to one on the bottom space and so forth or perhaps another system that makes sense to you. The button that says Edit Drumset to the left of the picture you posted allows this.