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• Jun 6, 2018 - 17:11

I created a new score, added instruments and populated the score per usual. After that I edited each instrument part and all went well until I got to the last part, the Tuba, clicked on the part tab to display the instrument page, and lo and behold, the tuba page contained the entire score with all the parts in page view, and the individual tuba page is nowhere to be found. All attempts to correct this have failed, and I'm afraid to go further for fear I'll bugger something else up. Help!!


You decided that MuseScore doesn't know how to extract all the parts. After you clicked New All, you then checked all of the instruments on the right side of the window rather than leaving only the Tuba checked, so all of the instruments were put into the last part. Delete the Tuba part, click new, Type Tuba above the list of instruments, check only the tuba in the list then click OK. You will now have only the Tuba in the Tuba part.

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OK, so I go to Edit/Instruments to see the list of instruments. You say to click "new" but there's no "new" tab or icon on that screen. When I highlight "tuba" on the left side, then click "Add" it appears on the right side; I click the "up" arrow to go to the top, un-check the only check there which is the "visible" icon, and nothing is different, except now the entire score consists only of the "new" unpopulated tuba part and the tuba page still shows all the parts. Looks like you and I are on different pages. Where do I go next?

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Sorry, I said that very wrong. You tried it "fix" what MuseScore does automatically and ended up with the results you did. I guess I forgot to tell you everything. I sometimes explain things expecting others to have the same knowledge I do and forget an important step, like "using File->Parts" to create parts.

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Thanks, Mike. Apology accepted. I am an old man (75) trying to climb the learning curve, and am having a difficult time finding my way around the online handbook, particularly when encountering a problem like this one. I had no idea what to do or where to go without some help. At least now I know that I can turn to the forum for help and be treated with respect. Thank you. KJN
PS: By the way, other arrangements I've done have drawn many nice comments from fellow band members concerning the appearance of Musescore music scores, much more professional than others they've seen.

Now I have another annoying question: When setting up this score, I didn't enter the arranger's name during setup. Now through "score properties" I was able to add the name, but the font is much smaller than I'd like, and it appears only on the master score and not on individual parts scores. How can I fix these issues?

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Merely adding the arranger name to score properties would not normally make it appear on the score at all. I guess maybe you had added that metadata data to your footer? If so, then the font size is whatever you have select for foot font in Style / Text. But I'm guessing you really want it to appear along with the title & composer. In which case I'd just edit the existing composer text to add the info.

If you need further assistance, attach your score (see the "Choose a file" button right below where you type your response) and we can advise better.

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OK, here is the score. If I had remembered to insert the arranger (Arr. Ken Nagel) I wouldn't have had this problem. I am unable to "edit" the existing composer text, since there is none. While I'm on the line, I'd also like to insert Revision Level and date to the lower right corner of score and parts. Could you explain both, please?

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