Correcting beams

• Jun 8, 2018 - 15:04

I have a score which begins with three quavers before the bar in 3/4 time. Musescore beamed the first two quavers instead of the second and third. How can I correct it?


I managed to remove the beam from the first quaver, but couldn't add a beam to the second and third. Nothing seemed to happen when I selected the second quaver and double-clicked on the beam start icon.

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Wilco. I had trouble with it during my transpositional nightmare episode...but I don't remember the exact details. I remember accidently trying the drag/drop method and having it work (when the tag/double-click didn't).
I've got a lifetime's worth of banjo to enter (about 1,500 19C originals in my collection alone), so if it can happen, I'm sure it will!

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