Tied notes still play separately

• Jun 9, 2018 - 17:48


I'm trying to work out why two sets of two tied notes play separately rather than being held for the total note count. I've tried deleting the tie and recreating but this then creates two ties, one covering the notes in question, and the other reaching across a few bars.
The ideal situation would be to tie just the notes in question.

For reference the notes are C in the tenor clef in bars 60 and 61.

Using MuseScore 2.2.1 and on a Mac OS 10.12.3


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It is important not to confuse ties and slurs - they are entirely different things that just happen to look similar.

Ties by definition connect notes of the same pitch, and the effect is to lengthen the first note by the amount indicated by the second. They are created in MsueScore by selecting the first note only and pressing the tie button on the toolbar or using the shortcut "+".

Slurs may connect notes of the same or different pitches (more often the latter) and and suggest to the performer to play more legato if possible (eg, not tongued, for wind instruments). They are creted by selecting the entire range of notes you want to connect and then double clicking the slur icon in the Lines palette or using the shortcut "S".

The C's in the tenor part in bars 60-61 are tied and they play back correctly for me. Perhaps you had originally entered them as slurs then corrected the error before uploading?

BTW, your score is all an octave higher than I'd expect for alto and tenor - alto is in the soprano range (because of the "8" on the clef) and tenor is in the alto range (because of the lack of "8" on its clef).

Thanks everyone. Sorry for slow response the notification emails went straight into my junk folder so I didn't realise until just now I had any responses. Sorted for future posts.

So weirdly it now appears to be working as intended without me having done anything and yet it definitely wasn't working the other day. Odd.

Thanks for the advice regarding clefs, I just wrote it that way as its easier to read. Plays back as intended so they're the right notes just maybe not 100% accurate as far as using the correct clefs go. I guess that would explain why some of the notes appear as red on the score, for both parts? I did wonder.

Thanks again. This software has been a great discovery!

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There has been known to be the occasional glitch in playback. I'm not sure what happened in your case. Sometimes trying it a few times to make sure you're hearing it correctly helps your computer sort out the large amount of memory used when you first start using the full sound font.

I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd share this anyway, in case anyone's monitoring it, because it seems to behave differently for different instruments.
I was having exactly the same problem but it wasn't limited to ties (and yes, they WERE ties and not slurs) – it was doing the same thing with dotted notes.
For example: I tied a crotchet to a quaver and MuseScore ignored the tie and played them as independent notes; then I tried dotting the crotchet, but MuseScore misinterpreted the dot and again played the note as a crotchet and a quaver.
SO, I then tried copying the notes from the flute part I was writing and pasted them into the Bb clarinet part – and hey presto! It worked. I did the same with different instruments: some behaved properly, others didn't.
But i've never noticed this before, and I'm pretty sure I haven't updated MuseScore recently. It's very odd.

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