Repeat a section more than once

• Jun 18, 2018 - 14:45

I am trying to repeat a section of a song more than once.
I looked at the Handbook and found this..... go to the measure with the repeat bar. Right click and go to measure properties. Change the play count, apply it then exit. It does not work.
I searched "How to make repeats repeat a section more than once" in the Forum and found:
burgerboy Apr 30, 2018
I tried this, and even though the number in the box changes, it's unchanged when I playback.
mike320 • Apr 30, 2018 - 04:35
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Attach your score and indicate which repeat if there's more than one. Also what exactly are your trying to do?
Then the chain ends??? Was there a working solution??? I can achieve what I want by repeating the first repeat volta multiple times, but I am curious as to why I can't get the instrutions, listed in the handbook, to work.



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I noticed that you did not use Voltas. When I remove the 1.2.3. volta and the 4 volta, it does work, however on the last time, I need it to skip "what used to be" 1.2.3 volta and go to "what used to be" 4. volta but it does not. It plays though "what used to be" 1.2.3. volta and then plays "what used to be" 4. volta. I have attached the full file (American Pie_1.mscz - to long to test with) and a shortened version of it for ease of testing (American Pie_1 - Short1.mscz) and a version where I removed the voltas (American Pie_1 - Short2.mscz). The full file is still not completed. I am still working on rearranging it for our all accordion band.
Thank you for helping me with this.

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Thank You and ALL who contributed!!! I followed your example and made those changes to my file and it worked.
One thing I noticed is that on your .png file it says "Bar Properties" while mine says "Measure Properties". I assume that we are using different versions. I am using 2.2.1.

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If you want a section to be played 4 times, the play count (of the measure containing the end repeat barline) needs to be 4, even if the volta('s repeatlist) says to play that measure only on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round.
And yo really need to edit the voltas' repeatlist (too), not (just) the displayed text.

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