Suggesting to open up a simplified Chinese forum

• Jun 19, 2018 - 10:36

It would be great if a simplified Chinese forum is opened up so that we Chinese people can discuss music with each other more conveniently without the language barrier.
Moreover there's a lot of us who love traditional Chinese music and ethnic instruments such as Erhu, Shenai, Chinese Cymbals and many others. If this forum is set up, we can find each other more easily and exchange valuable ideas on how to use the ethnic instruments to create beautiful melodies, and etc.
Also, this can be a motivation for Chinese users to dig deep into our own potentials and viewpoints so that we can soak and enjoy ourselves in the world of music. A lot of Chinese music lovers including me are anxious to find people who bear the same interest and share our passion for music together. If this platform is established, we sure can have a feeling at home and make the MuseScore society much more better.
Hope you can take my suggestion into account. Thanks!


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I guess you would need to change the language in the box that apears at the bottom of every page to "Chinese, simplified." I would expect that to be the default language for people used to using Chinese, simplified as their default language in their operating systems. In that case, they would not need to change it unless they have already changed it to another language such as English.

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I was seeing all of the menus and labels in Chinese and wasn't looking at the English on the page. I was sure I had seen both a traditional and simplified Chinese forum before. I must be mistaken, or the forums were taken down during some upgrade or another.

Hi HowardCChina, we can/should certainly open a Chinese forum.

Could you help me with translating these sentences to Simplified Chinese?

  • General questions or problems
  • Documentation and translation

Please enter these in a comment so I can create these Chinese forums.


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Thank you very much for opening it! (Call me Howard Chang next time XD)
It's good to have descriptions, so:
Also, I have two kind reminders here:
1. The "Forums" (论坛)and "Add new Forum topic" (添加新的主题)lines hasn't been translated into Chinese :) Also, when creating/editing a topic/comment, the "Preview"(预览)button hasn't been translated as well.
2. If you open the forum start menu at, the link in the description under "Documentation" in the English forum leads to, which does not exist. The correct URL of Chinese, simplified handbook site should be ("Yonghushouce" is the Chinese pinyin for "handbook")
By the way, I'm just confused why there aren't other forums which can still be working pretty well with only Chinese citizens? Such as Plugins/SoundFonts/Made with MuseScore. I understand that the development part is nonsense if it's in Chinese because I'm afraid very few of you can speak Chinese, but we Chinese people can still discuss with each other about the common usage of plugins/soundfonts, or pieces made with MuseScore!
So I suggest you open these forums too:
Made with MuseScore(MuseScore作品:分享你使用MuseScore创作的作品)
I'll (and other Chinese MuseScorers will probably) appreciate it.

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Same for German

Made with MuseScore(MuseScore作品:分享你使用MuseScore创作的作品)should not get added, but rather removed altogether, it predates and that's the place to go for nowadays with everthing that was in 'Made with MuseScore' before.

Are you sure
would reache a critical mass to be worthwile?

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Hi Mr. Thomas! Don't know if you've read my last comment (posted last year) yet...
And there's another thing I want to change: previously I don't know the meaning of "documentation" very well, but since I've already been contributing to simplified Chinese documentation for a while, I believe the correct translation is “文献管理与翻译”, so would you mind changing the current translation to it?

Thank you ~
I created a group, you know, haha, I really hope you join in.~

After all, I created this group because I saw your Chinese message very friendly.~
So I hope it can be used to communicate in real time.

and the number is QQ 983966541
you can also find it through search "MuseScore"~

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