Can't print PDF from musescore

• Jun 21, 2018 - 10:55

I downloaded some piano sheets from musescore as a PDF-file, but I couldn't print them. It always just prints a blank white page. My printer is a EPSON WF-2650. I tried to print a PDF-file that wasn't from musescore and it worked with that one, but when I try to print a PDF file from musescore it doesn't work. Please help me. :(


I guess you mean you downloaded from the website? If you post a link to the specific score you tried downloading the PDF of, others can check and verify if there is a problem.

If you mean you are actually running musescore on your own computer and you exported a PDF of a score you are working on, then please attach the score here (see "Choose a file" button right below where you type your comment).

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