Notation on a blank -no stave - page?

• Jun 25, 2018 - 16:11

Hi Guys,
Just wondering is it possible - other than set as invisible - to typeset notation on a blank page?
Example: In a tutor book you might want something such as 1 quarter note + 2 eighth notes, but, rather than words the appropriate symbols for quarter and eighth notes would be used?

Many thanks in anticipation.



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I would guess you are putting this information in a frame, if not you should. You can make a measure on a staff with the staff lines invisible (right click the staff and choose Staff properties) and the notes plus text you want included. Then use the image capture tool (the camera icon which is normally next to the concert pitch button). You can then insert the image into the frame.

Of course if the entire score is meant to just look like this, no need for image capture & frames - just use invisible staff lines in staff properties (and suppress display of other elements there also) and be done with it.

Another option, though is to just add things like that as text, using the Special Characters dialog to access the note symbols etc.

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