MuseScore Ver. 2.2.1 Crashes from Instrument Text

• Jun 29, 2018 - 05:20

HI guys!

I've come across a bug that I don't see very often in my program until now. I often use "Instrument Text" for changing SoundFonts in the mixer, especially for percussion (I use Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra for a majority of my projects). However, sometimes when I attempt to add the text, MuseScore crashes unexpectedly. When I try again, the same result happens.

Most recently, I added an "Instrument Text" to Trumpet 1 for a solo SoundFont. When I add another "Instrument Text" a few measures after to Trumpet 2 for a solo SoundFont, the program crashes. I did some experimenting and if I add an "Instrument Text" to Trumpet 2 first at the same respective location, the program runs as normal. However, if I add it to Trumpet 1 afterwards at the same respective location, the program crashes. I might be able to find a different location to put the text. However, I am worried this will affect any additional text I may add to the project, which will prevent me from continuing.

If anyone has any suggestions or solutions, please comment! Thank you for your time!

If this helps, I use a 13-inch MacBook Pro with macOS High Sierra, ver. 10.13.4.

Edit: I cannot add any additional "Instrument Text" without crashing.


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The issue currently exists on a relatively large file with customizations so it would be hard to attach it for people to reproduce the problem. This is the first time an issue like this occurred to me, so I'll try to reproduce the problem on a new score with default settings (which might take a while).

Update: It also seems like one of the mixer settings switched. I added two "Instrument Text" items to an alto saxophone part, producing a total of three instruments in the mixer for that staff. I changed the first added text a soprano saxophone SoundFont and the third one back to the alto saxophone SoundFont. During playback, I noticed that the notes after the soprano change were still using the alto saxophone SoundFont while notes after the third instrument change (the one changing back to the alto saxophone SoundFont) were using the soprano saxophone SoundFont. I checked the mixer and the SoundFonts were all in place, but the playback was swapped. I was able to resolve this issue by replacing the text, but I feel like there may be more issues like this in my file that I have not noticed yet which may be crashing the program when I add additional "Instrument Text" anywhere else.

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A couple of ways to try to reproduce it on a smaller score.

See if you can reproduce the error by using the save selection command. Select about 5 measures before to 5 measures after the measures where the problem is encountered. Make sure all instruments are correct at that point in the score and expand the selected measures if needed to make sure the correct instruments are assigned. See if this will enable you to duplicate the problem.

Copy your score to the custom templates folder and then create a new score using that as the template. Put in enough measures to duplicate all instrument changes in the score to the Mixer looks the same.

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