Changing the size of line trills

• Jul 1, 2018 - 19:52

I couldn't find anything close to that in the forums or somewhere else. I'm currently working on a large score and some of the layout elements are hard to position when you have line trills, simply because they can't be made smaller in size. You can only offset them horizontally and vertically or determine the length of the squiggly line, and it seems to be the only line element that can't be resize, as you have all sorts of sizes and settings for hairpins and such in the properties.

Why is that so? Isn't the line trill a text element like others? Is there a way to resize it while preserving the trill effect playback?


Trill lines are not text per se, they are lines that include text. Is it the text portion or the line portion you want smaller, or both? For the text, even though there is no currently direct control over this (not sure why), you could try making plain wavy line then adding the "tr" separately as staff text, which you could then size however you like.

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It's a little tedious, but you can put the tr symbol in a text box that is sized the way you want it, then use the trill line that has no tr at the beginning of it from the advanced lines and you get both visual and playback. As long as you start with the text box at the correct relative position to the line, most of the work deals with making the line the correct length. Once they are lined up correctly horizontally, you can use the inspector to move the two objects precisely so they stay in the same relative position.

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