Properties (not) linked between (master) score and parts

• Jul 10, 2018 - 08:21

Looking at libmscore/propery.cpp, lines 38-311 I see a couple properties that should be linked between score and part but are not (3rd column set to false), esp. some that deal with play back, like JUMP_TO, PLAY_UNTIL, CONTINUE_AT, PLAY_REPEATS, probably also LABEL and MARKER_TYPE (all properties of jumps) and TIME_STRECH (like for fermata), maybe TUNING, VELOCITY, GLISS_TYPE, TRILL_TYPE, VIBRATO_TYPE, not sure about OTTAVA_TYPE and probably some more.
Or is playback considered to belong to layout in an extended sense?

LINE_VISIBLE in turn seems to relate to layout only, so should rather not be linked.


In general, I agree, playback things should be linked by default. We've also discussed staff properties and other things that probably should. I guess one hesitation is that until there is a way to break links, it might make more sense to be conservative. Maybe it's time to finally address that.

I'd leave out TUNING and VELOCITY (there may be reasons to want to be able to change them separately, and as long as we can't break the link, rather not link at all) and rather than GLISS_TYPE link GLISSANDO, rather than TRILL_STYLE link ORNAMENT_STYLE_STYLE, leave VIBRATO_TYPE (how would that get changed anyhow?), link OTTAVA_TYPE.


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I don't understand part of what you are saying because it is directly in the code, but I think that things affecting playback like TUNING and VELOCITY should be linked between the score and part by default. I remember, at some time, discussion of being able to break the links between parts and scores and these might be a candidate for that feature.

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Because there can be valid reasons for wanting to detune or alter velocity individually and breaking the link is currently not possible I think these should net be linked just yet. If and when breaking links is possible, then indeed these should be linked by default.
I don't see good reasons for needing to break the others, other than to cause confusion.

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