• Jul 12, 2018 - 16:59

I have an acer chromebook and when I tried making my own sheet music, it wouldn't let me. What should I do, can someone please help me?


To be clear:

MuseScore does not run directly on Chromebooks - the operating system simply isn't full-featured enough to allow that. So there are two ways people go about trying to get around this - either forcing the Chromebook to allow you to run Linux (which is what the above link does - it's quite technical, though), or usign the Chromebook to access a web service like rollApp that provides access to MuseScore. As far as I know, rollApp doesn't support sound, though.

Google has announced they will be adding support for running Linux apps more directly, but it seems only "some" Chromebooks will get that feature, and it isn't clear how user-friendly the process will be.

Basically, unless you are highly technically inclined and enjoy tinkering with workarounds like this, running MuseScore on a Chromebook just isn't feasible right now.

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