Musescore crashes when selecting all

• Jul 8, 2014 - 16:28
S4 - Minor


I have this very nice score:

when I open it with the latest musescore nightly for mac (and the nightlies before), it crashes when I want to select all (ctrl+a).

I have no idea why.


I am trying to select all (ctrl+a or cmd+a on mac) with the latest nightly of musescore for mac.
It is no special mode I am in, just viewing the score.

It's a little mysterious (:
I made ​​the effort to rewrite the text, checking step by step, or line by line :)
All goes well until the end ... or almost!

Indeed, on the attached file, you find that the file does not crash (when doing Ctlr+A), if not the word "und", measure 9.
In_Gori_Kaseki, except und.mscz

Add a dash after "fünf" and enter "und", and you have a crash precisely at this time, with Ctlr + A. Why? That is the question!

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Yes stffen, I had arrived at the same conclusion just before your message! Having noticed that the group "dash and syllable 'und' " was the only one, in the score, which have a group "empty space and dash" above him.

There is also a bug with alone empty space above.
Like this: Crash2.mscz

And also in the opposite case.
Like this: Crash3.mscz

N.B: For this bug, I hesitate between a normal status or critical status (I would tend to the latter, the crashes are clearly proven)

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