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I have a 3 trumpet score. I added some brackets ( ) to the various trp parts at various spots in the score. When I separated the parts from the score, not all the brackets showed up on the parts. When I added them into the separated parts those new brackets were also added to the score resulting in double brackets in some spots on the score. Clearly I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what. Anyone help?


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The why can help in a couple of ways. 1. Sometimes there is a known way to do things that you may not know about. 2. It may tell where you are getting the brackets from.

What is especially confusing is that you said, some of the brackets are in the parts and some are not. Can you attach your score? It will get you an answer far faster than answering questons.

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I'm attaching a copy of the score with parts. I'm not sure it will help because I've already made the corrections on the parts manually.
I did just notice that there is one way you'll be able to tell what was happening: In the score you'll notice some places where there's a double bracket )). That's a place where there was no bracket on the part, only on the score. When I added the bracket on the part it duplicated it on the score. I would then go into the score and delete the original bracket and what you're seeing here are instances where I failed to delete the duplicate.
Thanks, Edd

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As a test, I created a second part for the second trumpet and saw what you mean about some brackets showing up and others not showing up in the part.

The question now I why is this happening? Did you use different methods for entering the brackets? For example, you dragged one bracket to the score and double clicked another. Did you create a custom palette that you're adding them from? If so, are you using different methods to add them? This may seem silly, but I've seen other items that have different results when the same item is added with different methods.

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Well, now I'm not sure I will be much help. Originally, I created this score about a year and a half ago. I just got around to doing the tweeking of the parts (repositioning text that gets moved in the part creation, etc) when I discovered the bracket anomaly. I can't remember now if I entered all the brackets the same way. (I'm pretty sure I didn't create a custom palette since I'm not sure what that is or if I'm sophisticated enough with MuseScore to do that.) I can tell you that in reentering the brackets this time I was using drop and drop until I discovered I could click on a rest or note at the approximate location I wanted the bracket, double click the desired bracket and then reposition it.
Sounds like this is puzzle I won't solve right now. Thanks for your help.

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I believe your answer will prove very helpful. You did double click some brackets and drag and drop others, as I suspected. There are those who monitor this forum who are better at reproducing bugs than I am. Perhaps they can use your information to prevent this bug from being included in version 3.0.

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