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• Jul 27, 2018 - 09:09

HI all
I have successfully compiled my Muiscal as a Piano / vocal score Album pdf'd and printed with page numbers very impressed !!
The the different vocal staves seemed to find their own positions just wondering now that i'm working on the giant task of adding all the unused orchestral instrumental staves to the orchestral score along with the vocal lines how do i differentiate between one baritone and another or chorus sopranos and lead sopranos? or am i overthinking it before i start?
Does it recognise them in linear fashion ? or by note input?
Also stage directions located between staves were not picked up when I hid the unused staves do i need to attach them to a staff that has music on it ? this will take them out of the line for the character who needs to be directed by them. Can anyone advise?
Many thanks !!


OH because i have written 30 different scores ( it is through composed ) but i couldn't do it all in the one go - so each different piece has a different set of orchestral instruments choirs lead singers etc if i compile it to an album i believe i have to allocate a stave to each voice. instrument etc. Cheers

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All scores of an album need to have the same number of staves and Instruments and in the same order (if you want to join tham into 1 score, not if you just want to generated one combined PDF from them). You can use 'hide empty staves' though in all the scores, so staves unused in one score, don't show there.
And the combined score takes all the style settings of the 1st score in the set.

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I'm in a similar position to Lindsay. I have a series of scores with differing instrumentation and vocal requirements.

When I began this project, I did not have a clear idea of the full scope of things, so I selected instrumentation on a piece-by-piece basis. This made sense at the time because some of the pieces employ a symphonic sound, while others need only a core rock band. Also in the mix are different eras of jazz instrumentation and one country guitar ballad. When I wrote the country ballad, for example, I would never have thought of needing to add a line for claves.

Had I known at the beginning where this would lead, I would have created a custom score template to cover all eventualities... but I did not.

Is it at all possible to apply a template after a score has been created? If so, I would make a strings/winds/brass/guitars/bass/piano/synth/drums/percussion template to cover all eventualities. Otherwise, I will have to go through each score and add unneeded instruments for the album function to work properly.

This is further complicated by the fact that the flute part also doubles on saxophone, and the second guitar book also doubles Latin percussion, etc. It sounds odd, but that is often the way with theatre orchestration.


Further to Lindsay's question - Where should stage directions be placed so that they don't disappear when empty staves are hidden?

Thanks Guys - jojo i see now you can print the scores to pdf without joining them into one and this keeps them with their original instruments.
The problem with hiding staves in an orchestral score though seems to leave different sections of the work which are heavily scored and lesser passages - poorly laid out on the page. The only way i can see to keep a consistent layout through is to leave all staves in however with 30 discrete instruments this leaves a lot of blank space in some numbers!

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