Adjust note in chord

• Jul 30, 2018 - 15:55

When selecting a note in chord
in re-pitch-mode
hitting a note deletes other notes in chord.

Is this intended?
How do I do this right?


select the note and use arrows (semi-tone), ctrl+shift+arrow (diatonic step) or ctrl+arrows (octave) to change the pitch. Entering a note is designed to replace whatever was there and attached to the note.

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I would disagree about the selected note being replaced. If you use re-pitch on a sections of music with chords (or even single notes), no note is selected when the cursor advances. It only works horizontally (beat 1, 2...) not vertically (on chords). In other words on a C major chord, it will not select the C, then the E then the G. Changing the note advances the cursor to the next note/chord, so making re-pitch change a singe note never makes sense. If you want a new chord shift+note still works like in normal note input mode. My understanding is that re-pitch is used to prevent lyrics and other items attached to the chord from being deleted.

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As usually, depends on your use case. Sometimes, it makes sense to replace only one note within a chord, but other times it will make sense to replace the whole chord. Which way MuseScore chose to do it, half the time it would be what people wanted, the other half not. So I wouldn't call it a bug, just a feature that unfortunately works better for a slightly different use case.

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