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• Aug 1, 2018 - 03:51

I have a feeling I will be focusing on chord diagrams quite a bit in the next little while. :)

My first question.
I have set up a custom workspace in the Fretboard Diagrams palette.
Let's call it SongA.
When I set it up it took all the chord diagrams from the last workspace I was working with.

How do I delete all 30+ diagrams quickly so I can start from scratch for this new

And is there a shortcut key to bring up the chord diagram for editing, assuming you have clicked on a
diagram on the score.


Is it a bug in the program (2.1.0) that when you Ctrl-Shift drag a chord diagram onto the pallete
instead of placing it into the next empty chord space, it skips a space?
I need to always drag onto palette, then slide it over after it misplaces the chord.

Easiest way to start from scratch would be to switch to the Advanced workspace before creating your new one. MuseScore starts by cloning whatever you are currently looking at.

Sounds like your palette has a "hole" in it (an empty cell), this can result sometimes from certain editing operations, starting over should fix it. Or you could try saving the palette, then opening it in a text editor and poking around.

No shortcut currently for fretboard diagram properties.

Notation devices like you mention are not designed to work on fretdiagrams but on notation. So you could add the notes to your score and add the notations to those, then hide the notes if you like.

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Thanks guys for the tips!

Right now I'm working on the score and I have a 'Staff text' , a 'P' for pull-off that is showing on top of lyric text 'mine'.
I want to highlight the 'P' to work on it in Inspector, but I can't.
I can highlight the lyric text 'mine' and a staff text next to it 'sld' (slide) , but I can't grab the 'P'.
Is there a secret to grabbing it?

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Some quirky things are happening now.
(I assume they will continue for a little while).

I just entered 4 verses of lyrics, no problems there.
Now I am going to enter new chord diagrams ABOVE some existing
ones (to indicate changes for 2nd verse).
Things were going OK.
Musescore drops it on top of existing chord and I move it above it using Inspector.

But on one chord, MS refuses to add a new chord!
Not sure why? Any obvious ideas?

I went to other bars after that and was able to do it (for the most part, not always though).
So this is an off-on thing that is happening now.

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I think I see your problem. The third (top) chord symbol disappears when it get to a certain point. The way I solved this was to change the max system distance to 18 (this was the first number I used and it worked) and the minimum distance to 15 while entering chord diagrams. Once the diagrams were entered I returned the min system distance to the default 6.5 and the max to 15 and everything stayed as expected.

Edit: to move the chord symbols I entered it, pressed ctrl+e then used ctrl+up arrow to move the cord. They lined up very nice and it was quick.

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Thanks for helping out mike!
This may come in handy for the future.

But if you read my last reply to Marc you will see I discovered the problem and how to fix it.
I just need to select a chord diagram before I attempt to add another chord diagram on top of it!

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As mentioned, we'd also need steps to reproduce the problem. I guess you mean you were having trouble attaching multiple fret diagrams somewhere, but it isn't clear where. My best guess, though, is that you weren't in fact selecting the chord symbol but the fret diagram, and indeed, fret diagrams can be attached to each other. Had I realized you intended multiple fret diagrams per chord, I wouldn't have set the style settings to position the chord symbol underneath the fret diagram where it now hard to select. Feel free to go to Style / General / Chord Symbols and change the distance between chord symbols and fret diagrams.

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Sorry for my terminology. I am not using chord symbols, except for those that are on my template (all C chords).
So when I was referring to chords or diagrams it was always for chord diagrams.
In the future I will use these abbreviations: cd = chord diagrams, cs = chord symbols.

I just discovered why it wasn't working!
I hadn't been selecting the cd before I tried to drag a second cd on top of it.
Nothing was selected.
Now it works everywhere! :)
Thanks very much.

As for the cs location..
It hasn't really been a problem so far, but I will keep in mind that I can move it around.
BTW, how did you make the cs's totally invisible?
I'm wondering whether I should do that for my template?

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Better to use the actual terms "chord symbol" and "fret diagram". The term "chord diagram" is just going to cause confusion.

In any case, I think you're still not quite there. As I said, fret diagrams cannot be attached to other fret diagrams - only to notes, rests, or chord symbols. Also, selecting something before dragging to it has no effect whatsoever - drag does not pay attention to what is selected, only to where you release the mouse. While drag & drop certainly works if you have the extra time to spare, the more efficient way to add anything from the palette is to select the element you want to attach the symbol to then double-click the palette symbol. but again, to add a fret diagram, you need to select a chord symbol first, not another fret diagram. Drag & drop or double-click doesn't matter; fret diagrams cannot be added to other fret diagrams. The times you succeeded in adding multiple fret diagrams must have been you actually dropped onto the chord symbol without realizing it.

Also, to make chord symbols (or anything else) invisible, simply select and press "V". Easiest to do it for all at once, by waiting until you are done entering them, then right-clicking one and choosing "Select / All Similar Elements".

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Thanks Marc.
I'd like to get to the bottom of this once and for all. :)

First, thanks for letting me know about clicking on a note/chord symbol and then double-clicking on a palette symbol. I didn't know about that. I was always dragging.

" As I said, fret diagrams cannot be attached to other fret diagrams - only to notes, rests, or chord symbols"
I never was thinking of attaching one diagram to another. I just said when I was able to get a second diagram in place, it placed itself on top of the previous diagram. I wasn't thinking of, or trying to attach one diagram to another.

" Also, selecting something before dragging to it has no effect whatsoever - drag does not pay attention to what is selected, only to where you release the mouse."
OK this I didn't know about. I thought this was the solution to my problem, but perhaps I was just lucky.

"but again, to add a fret diagram, you need to select a chord symbol first, not another fret diagram."
I have found that I could add a fd by just dragging it close to the beat I want it to go to.
I do not select any cs or note or fd.
It usually works just like that.

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Fret diagram have to be attached to something. And as I said, you can attach a fret diagram on a note, rest, or chord symbol. Those three things and those three things only. It's the same whether using drag & drop or select / double-click. So if you were just dropping in the general vicinity of where you wanted, no surprise if it seemed inconsistent. It worked if you happened to release directly on top of a note, rest, or chord symbol, failed otherwise.

So to get two fret diagrams in the same location, you need to attach both of them to a note, rest, or chord symbol at that location. If there is a chord symbol there, easiest is to click thge chord symbol, double click the fret diagram, then do the same for the second diagram. Since you're going to need to move one of the fret diagrams out of the way anyhow, might as well add the one you will need to move first (eg, double-click then Ctrl+Up a few notches). Then the chord symbol underneath is exposed to make it easier to select it.

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Thanks Marc. This really zeros in on the heart of my problem!

In the case of selecting and moving one of the chord diagrams that are on top of each other...
I can't choose which one I put/move first (bottom).
This is because all chords are discovered and entered in the sequence they occur in the song.
Second verse chord will always find itself on top of the first verse chord etc.

But I haven't had problems moving them when once they were piled up.
I just click on the top one and nudge it up with the Inspector.

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