Musescore 2.4GB Memory Usage ?

• Aug 2, 2018 - 01:25

Should Musescore be using 2.4GB of memory ?


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You could just remove the soundfonts in View / Synthesizer / Zerberus. They are indeed resource-intensive. With the soundfonts removed, you can still write for MDL instruments, you just won't hear anything until you add them back. This is now my usual running setup.

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Currently you hear nothing unless you happen to have another soundfont loaded into the necessary slot or have used the Mixer to select an alternate sound. That's because the instrument definition is quite specific about selecting Zerberus and a specific program number etc. One thing this suggests is that it might be nice to supply a "Lite" version of the MDL soundfonts one can use when the ultimate in realism is not required and one would rather reduce resource requirements.

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MuseScore was loading all the MDL sfz soundfonts into the program so all of the MDL sounds could be heard. This is necessary apparently because if the sound is in the last SFZ font then all of the fonts before that have to be loaded so the indices work properly.

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