MuseScore and Sibelius...

• Aug 3, 2018 - 16:23

For some time I became frustrated with MuseScore for not finding the exact instruments I needed for my complex work...
I needed a contrabassoon, a real tantan ( not a chinese gong) and some features hard to encounter in the two fonts I downloaded (MuseScore native and Sonatina).
So, I turned to Sibelius, where I found all the instruments and the deatures I mentioned.
Notwithstanding, even using Sibelius 7 Sounds, the reproduction is poor and in many cases MuseScore sounds better!
Buying something like Noteperformer is a little out of my financial reach...

Maybe I'm wishing to get the best of two worlds, but the questions persist:

a) Is there some other font that could attend to my needs in MuseScore?
b) Could the reproduction of musics in MuseScore be enhanced by some add-ons?

Thank you for your comments.


You can search the web for sound fonts that you like. They're out there. I even found one for church bells (the instrument carillon in America). Once you do find it, you can assign the instrument to the correct sound for your needs.

As mentioned, there are tons of soundfonts out there, just do web searches. Also, MuseScore is perfectly capable of communicating with external synthesizers and DAW software, either through direct MIDI output or via JACK.

Still, do keep in mind the main purposes of any notation program is, well, notation. What's important is to get professional-looking parts to give the real human contrabassoon and tantan players that will eventually play your score.

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