Musescore won't load

• Aug 3, 2018 - 23:31


I though that with the new update it would load but still have the same problem. It doesn't load at all. What's going on with this? It used to work perfectly before I don't know why suddenly stopped working. It's been 3 months since I haven't use this program. I have windows 10 and the only one that works is the muse score 1 (which I don't like because it doesn't have metronome).

Please help me.

Thanks and regards.


Out of curiosity, could you try to install a portable version from here. Download the MuseScore-2.3.2.msi version, the others don't work on windows. If this doesn't work, change the 2.2.3 on the web page to the last version number that worked for you and see if that fixes it.

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I run Windows 10 and MuseScore is a 32 bit program. I have no issues with this. There was in the last couple of days someone that had the same problem as you and it had something to do with the firewall (or maybe the antivirus). Marc helped the person, so maybe he will remember this and tell you how he fixed it.

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Ok, thanks for your help Mike. I follwed Marc's advice and it seem is because of this error “Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!”. I've researched on Google about it but I don't understand how to solve it.

Try installing the Microsoft "DebugView" tool and then running MuseScore from the command line with the "-d" options. You should see some helpful messages on the console that will help diagnose the problem.

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No, that message is normal. Please attach the full output so we can investigate further. Better to copy and paste the text itself rather than using screenshots. Also be sure to use the "-d" command line option when starting MuseScore. Best to also use the "-F" that you said you already tried (for factory reset).

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Yes, I did use the "-d" and "-F" command.

[10656] global share:
[10656] configured localeName
[10656] real localeName
[10656] load translator
[10656] load translator
[10656] load translator from
[10656] read shortcuts from <:/data/shortcuts.xml>
[10656] initScoreFonts 0x86820b0
[6216] Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!
[6216] initScoreFonts 0x87914e0

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I deactivated firewall for re-installing Musescore but still won't load. What could be the problem? If is on or not still the same. I don't understand.

Thanks for your help

I found a solution how to run Musescore 3. I have this problem too, but if you want to open Musescore 3 and work with this software, you should open one .mscz file (if you have in your PC one, or download it) and Musescore 3 will work !
I can't open it normally, but if I open one .mscz file, all works.
I hope this information was useful for you.


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