Piano notation, repeat pattern

• Aug 6, 2018 - 13:32


I have a piano that is looking like this for LH in the start of my piece

It's to be played like shown in m.1
but is after that notated as m.2 (easier to notate)
The m1 way of playing m2 is repeated throughput the piece.
But, there are places later the low E should be lifted, rather easy determined by musical judgment.

Do I need to notate this in detail,
or is such a marking in the start sufficient for must players to understand this themselves?

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There is a measure repeat, including playback, looks like %, but that works on the entire measure, not just a single voice of it. So yes, you'd need to notate it, if playback is important to you, or just rely on your musicians to read and obey that "etc."

The "etc" should be fine (or "sim.", short for "simile"). But FWIW, instead of notating the first measure with rests in the upper voice, better to show the eighth note. You can then hide the head which will merge it with the half note.

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