String data/tuning not synced between score and parts

• Aug 27, 2018 - 07:33
S4 - Minor

Version 2.3.2 / Windows7

1) New score for banjo (TAB)
2) Generate parts
3) In main score: change the pitch (in String data) of the 5th string, let's say to C4 instead G4.
The test file at this step: Banjo tab.mscz

Just for checking: toggle in Part and take a look at the string data: you observe the pitch of this string has not been modified.

4) In main score: type 0 on this string (5th)
Result, unexpected:
banjo 1.jpg

  • Other scenario more spectacular, with a standard linked staff added in main score, and the pitch of the 5th string changed to A4 (instead G4), and entering 0 too.

    banjo 2.jpg

  • To solve this: modify the pitch before creating parts, or after, in main score AND in part.


Basically, yes. We could consider maintaining separate issues for separate groups of settings where there might be disagreement over whether they should be linked, though. Which is why I didn't mark either of these duplicate to begin with. I could imagine cases, for instance, where you had a single staff in the score and three different linked parts generated from it with three different transpositions. It's not actually going to work currently, but if it were ever to work, you'd need independent transposition. I could see a similar use case for string data, to allow the same score to be displayed for differing tunings. Or capo. But any of these would require a fair amount of changes to make it actually work, and I could see that happening one at a time.