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• Sep 7, 2018 - 17:37

I am uploading a few scores of mine to Sheet Music Plus. I find that on orchestral scores, MS uses the whole first page as a title page. however, on Piano, The actual music begins right on page one. How can I get the first page to just be a title page, a "cover" for the sheet music? I searched in the Handbook for "How to Add pages" but did not find anything. For selling stuff, you need a title page with the music beginning only on the page two. The top page should be only the cover with the title and composer, etc. for when they download it for printing it. Please see attachment, showing short piano piee with the music beginning right on the title page.


Apply a page break to the title frame (select title frame, double click page break from the Breaks & Spacers palette.
Or increase the size of the title frame so it covers the entire page (double click the title frame, drag the handle to the bottom of the page)

Some additional info to help you understand what is going on:

MuseScore doesn't do anything special to make piano music work different from other types of music. On every page, it starts putting things on the page top to bottom - whether frames of text / graphics or systems of music. If there is room for more, it goes there. if not, it goes to the next page.

So for an orchestral score, there usually isn't enough room for a whole system of music after the title frame, so it goes to the next page. And there then isn't room for more than one system per pge, which is why they get their own pages. With piano scores, there is room for several systems of music after the title frame, so that's what you get. Same is generally true for smaller ensembles, like string quarters, SATB choir, etc.

Page breaks simply tell MuseScore, even though there is room for more, don't use it - just go on to the next page.

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OK, Thanks to you and Jo Jo for the answer , the page break worked fine. Only thing is, I had to use Framae Text to type the title, sub title, and Composer. it sems a little more difficult than the title, etc. on when you create new score on MS. It's all one big thing,instead of being divided into separate compartments. Please see my title page. I had to try to center everything visually.

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Well, it's up to you whether you want two titles on your work - I think many would choose to not repeat it on the second page if they already have a title pafge. But if you wish, just add another vertical frame from the palette, then right-click it to add title et al to it.

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