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• Sep 9, 2018 - 03:58

for the pass Five days, i have been unable to upload my music scores. My score doesn't show up after doing the necessary thing Please what could be wrong?

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You have attached a PDF file. Does that mean you have been trying to upload that, in order to use the "Import PDF" function within MuseScore? Or maybe you actually have a MuseScore file - an MSCZ file - that you are trying to save online to musescore.com? Can you be more specific about what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead?

Thank you sir for the the response. The pdf format I attached here was to show you the piece i want to upload. I was trying to upload the mszc format on musescore.com, mean while I have uploaded more 40 songs on musescore.com. I started experiencing this setback some days ago

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I dont' know exactly right now, I have not checked all. If I understand correctly (but no sure?) this file is the result of an import of a PDF file. My first guess is this measure was in bad health despite appearances. Anyway, in this case, delete the faulty measure, and re-enter it again (that's what I did, with the expected result)

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Exactly as the error message that appears when you try to open the file, that measure is corrupt - voice 1 bottom staff has only 7/8. So you need to correct it as per the instructions on fixing corrupt scores: https://musescore.org/en/node/54721

Actually, the whole score looks problematic - voice 3 & 4 are used in the bottom staff rather than voices 1 & 2. That's a pretty common mistake, but you shouldn't be using voices 3 & 4 unless you've already sued voices 1 & 2. Had you sued voices 1 & 2, you wouldn't have needed to mark anything invisible, or turn off display of invisible elements.

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you are very right sir as regard voice 3 and 4 being used on the bass staff, This was my early thought when i started using Musescore 2years ago, I probably thought each voices are assigned to SATB respectively, though my recent scores in the past 6 months are scored with the right voices. You all have made me a better scorer, and I am very glad to belong to this forum.
As regard measure 59 with 7/8 , it will be rectified. thanks for your responses and follow ups.

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