Repitch changes rhythm in drums!

• Sep 12, 2018 - 13:51

When I try to use the repitch entry on drums, it also changes the rhythm. Must be a bug?


In reply to by Raymond Wicquart

Problem is, that I would have to use arrow up about 20 times to reach the correct note - and not all notes are at the same pitch now, so I can't just select all. It would be quite easy to use "enter new pitch", if it did not change the rhythm.
So thanks for advice and possible solutions, but could we agree, that "enter new pitch" should NOT alter the rhythm?

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Yes. It does appear repitch mode does not function correctly for drums, and this is a bug. I see I submitted a different bug regarding repitch and percussion some time ago - see #154816: Shortcuts may produce wrong notes in repitch mode on percussion staves. Definitely worth submitting a new bug report for this (apparently new? seems would have noticed it while testing this last year) problem. Could you go to the issue tracker and create one? Easiest way is Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore.

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