Auto space staves on a page

• Sep 12, 2018 - 18:18
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My suggestions is to have MuseScore automatically adjust the spacing of staves to fill up a page. Perhaps this options could be near "Hide Empty staves" in the Format->Style... dialog box.

Deciding where to place the staves should not be difficult since it's easy math.

M = distance from the bottom of the last staff to the bottom margin.
S = the number of staves - 1 + number systems - 1 (since there are 1 fewer spaces between staves then there are staves and an additional space to consider if there are multiple systems on the page).
d = M/S

Add d to the distance between staves and the distance between systems and they will be proportionately spaced and fill the page.

This feature will make scores with multiple staves look much better and more professional on a page rather than the large space at the bottom of pages we currently get without a lot of manual adjustments.


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I've also been thinking about this for a while, and unless there are more thoughts, I think I'm in favour of this solution.

Is there an industry-standard measurement of stave distances? Between bass & treble of piano, or different instruments.

I ask because, in some published works, space between staves tightens to fit a system(s), but I don't know if there should either be a feature that does this, or use minimum distance settings, which can be expanded using what is described in the first post.

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@@chen lung I guess I didn't see your comment before. I don't know that there are industry standards. I've seen various methods used to make the scores fit on pages. It just seems such a waste of paper to have the existing staves cover the top 60% of the paper and the rest of the page be blank.