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• Sep 19, 2018 - 16:41

In the Format->Style->Rehearsal marks there is no option to globally adjust the frame around it. If you want to change the style of the rehearsal mark, you must change each one as it's entered or select all similar and change them at once when the score is complete.

The frame options are actually missing from all global text options as well as other formating options such as Bold and Italics. I believe all of the style options from version 2 should also be available in version 3.

One more text related item. In version 2 you could create your own text style and apply it quickly to a (or severs) text item(s). I also miss this option. You now must remember all of the text options you put on an item and then apply them to others. 😒


If I am understanding you correctly, most if not all of this is present, just in a different form. See the little arrow to the right of any property setting - this allows you to set it as the default for that style.

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That's because there is no longer a need to have them duplicated there. Again, the little button next to each property allows you to set it as the style default - this eliminating the need for a separate dialog. What formerly required three separate interfaces - Style, Properties, and Inspector - can now all be done from the Inspector. I demonstrated this very feature in my Cafe this morning.

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I posted here rather than in the issue tracker because there is no manual for 3.0 yet. I think it should start being worked on about now to get developed along with the final 3.0 with tweaks, as features are finalized and bugs get fixed. I'll help with it as I learn about the features. There is a lot to learn about the new version.

If you refer to the base up triangle as the "Set Global" button it's not working, at least for making the frame around a Rehearsal mark a Circle. When you first hover over it, you get "Reset to default," upon clicking it you get "Set as Style." The Set as Style gets stuck as being pressed and nothing resolves it until you unselect the rehearsal mark. The item selected takes on the new setting, everything else remains unchanged.

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The button with a counterclockwise arrow is the reset button. Set as style is 8n the drop down accessed via the down arrow to the right of that. I just tried and it works fine:

1) click a rehearsal mark
2) change to circle frame using the dropdown
3) click the down arrow, you'll see Set as Style, click that

Result: all rehearsal marks update to circles, and new rehearsal marks also get circles.

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As wide as the inspector already is, it wouldn't hurt to put a wider button that make sense. Another, probably better, option to avoid confusion would be to give the user a second option like "Cancel" or "Current item only" and take an appropriate action, like nothing except close the drop down.

My problem was that I didn't recognize it as a drop down so didn't know what to do with it. My suggestion would clarify this for others.

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I agree the current arrangement of controls is not intuitive, and indeed I didn't see it either until Werner (?) explained it in a previous thread. Definitely room for improvement.

One thing I had thought might be the case but doesn't seem to be: having all these separate "set as style" buttons leads me to assume I could click any one of them - like the one next to the frame property - and it would only change that setting in the style. That could have been a nice improvement in functionlity above and beyond 2.x. But it doesn't seem to work that way. If I take a single rehearsal mark, increase its size and also change the frame to circle, then click the "set as style" next to the frame setting, both the frame and size get updated in the style. That is, all the other rehearsal marks not only get circle frames but also get bigger. If that's a bug, OK. But if this is actually intended, then I'm missing the point of having all these separate Set as Style controls.

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The controls need to be fixed in either case. Using the current text item as a sample for a global display, I believe, would be more practical. Changing the font size, bold, and adding a frame to text, then pressing the button to make one of the items global but not the other two items does not make sense to me.I think this would rarely be used and would be far more likely to cause confusion that to be the desired results.

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" ... leads me to assume I could click any one of them - like the one next to the frame property - and it would only change that setting in the style. That could have been a nice improvement in functionlity above and beyond 2.x. But it doesn't seem to work that way."
Oh, darn, it doesn't. I assumed the same - after all that would be the only justification for that contorted pile of buttons ... that's unfortunate.
What I don't understand: why not just a dropdown with several entries (revert to default, save as default ...)?

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