Adding Note Labels...

• Oct 11, 2018 - 18:56

I'm creating some music pieces for complete beginners (classical guitar) and I'd like to know whether I can add the Note Labels (A,B,C...) along with the fingering either on the stave or tabs.
Thanks in advance


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Perfect, Thank you.
One more question: I have fingering on the stave which comes in sort of a non-aligned fashion (i.e. up and down on the notes and the stave lines ) and when I used Note Names plug-in you have just recommended, by the way it was a great suggestion, it labels the noteheads perfectly along the top in aligned but covers some of the fingering notations. Do you have any recommendation/solution to have fingering at the bottom of the stave aligned just like the noteheads?
Thank you again...

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I agree with Shoichi, using the inspector to move them all at once is probably the best way to go, then you can move individual ones after that if necessary to make them all look right. Style->Text->Fingering can be used to move all fingerings at once also, without having to select all of them first.

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