Plugin-Editor: option use of tabs in file

• Oct 12, 2018 - 11:28
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

I usually use Notepad++ instead of the internal qml editor, because this supports qml with highlighting and some other nice features during programming...
I also use tabs instead of blanks here, and the default for me is 4 blanks wide.
Unfortunately the internal qml editor is set to use 6 blanks for a tab - no way to set this value anywhere.
The best in my opinion would be that the editor (optionally) uses real tabs, so there will be no conflict at any point. Or, to allow to redefine the tab width somewhere.


Well, you could instead redefine the tab width for qml files inside Notepad++ in Settings->Preferences...->Language and setting the tab size of 6 for the qml extension in the Tab Settings table. You can even tell Notepad++ to use spaces instead of tab when you use the tab key.