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• Oct 21, 2018 - 21:35

I was wondering how to change a score name, like the one you enter as the first thing you input when creating a new score.


There are three different "names" that could be relevant here. When you enter a title in the Create New Score wizard, this appears in two different places - in File / Score Properties, and also displayed right there at the top of your score. You can go back and edit either of or both of those. But there is also the filename you save with; that's something else entirely.

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The only name that is relevant for finding a score is the filename. And no matter what you change it to, MuseScore can always find it - just go to File / Open and select the right file.

There is no single command that would force these all to the be the same, but nor would you want to. After all, you probably don't want the title that appears in your score to show the name of the folder it was stored in, or the ".mscz" at the end of the filename, etc.

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You don't say what specifically goes wrong, but I might guess there is something overlapping the title so that double-clicking is actually editing that instead. Impossible to guess without seeing your score. If you attach the MSCZ file, we can understand and assist better.

Note that changing information in Score Properties is not supposed to affect the visible information in the score, other than copyright. The rest is "metadata" - information about your score that is maintained separately from the actual appearance of your score.

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