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• Oct 25, 2018 - 18:51

Is it possible to create a fretboard diagram where I can include a scale diagram and not just a chord diagram?
It appears I can only manipulate the given diagrams and cannot add more black dots on respective strings that would show a scale diagram.


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Thanks so much. I wanted to avoid tab to get students to focus on reading the notes, but this is a great option :). It would have been great to get all the triads in one scale form on one page, but with tab it will be at least two.

Cheers Marc!

Edit: Still, it doesn't solve the issue of being able to show the scale diagram above the staff. I think Finale has this capability. Might be time to buy.

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I guess I'm not clear on what you mean - if you want people to read the notes rather than look at tab, why provide fret diagrams at all? Seems that discourages reading in the same way. And I don't know what you mean about not showing the scale diagram above the staff - how does using tab prevent that? Seems it does it better, by providing an automatic 1-1 visual relationship between each note and the correspond tab, rather than needing to fudge it graphically to align. If you don't want it to align, you can always create the tab eslewhere, take an image capture using the tool provided for that purpose (at right end of toolbar) and insert that.

If you show a picture of what you are trying to do, we can assist better.

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You can add a Tab staff on Top and then hide all the empty staves. (set it in "Style" in the menu)
For this I added 2 Bars before the beginning of the Song and a Time Signature for the original Start of the Song. Then to bring the Tab into the center of the page it has a spacer frame at the start and the 2nd bar is set to hide (in the bar property)
TabScale on Top.png

Another much easier possibility is to add a graphic that you created in another application. Here I used the LibreOffice-Extension "Chorddiagrams" and exported as png and dragged it onto the first notehead. Then positioned it with the mouse:

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And you can develop this idea as much as you want, see the image below (from this thread and attachment: by overlapping four diagrams, here to receive a scale of C major.

Easier than you might think at first glance, but only if you place the "intermediate" fret diagrams in the palette, to get a perfect overlap by selecting a note/rest/measure, and double-clicking on the necessary fret diagrams in the palette.
(Edit: it would be better to begin/indicate the third position instead of two, I did quickly in function of the attachment)


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See this animation (I volontary omitted step - just after rehearsal mark "4" - of saving the image and its rotation before adding it to the score when occurs the final step.)

And, of course, each intermediate fret diagram and image can be placed in a palette for future reuse.


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Thank you very much, Great idea
but in the last nightly build it doesn´t work anymore like that anymore. all the added diagrams were put on top of the first one. to be places over it you have to disable the automatic placement in the inspector. If you copy the new diagram all of them are on top of each other again

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