Double the time value of every note in a score.

• Nov 8, 2018 - 03:29

I have a score, uploaded here, that is played rather slowly. In fact, too slowly.
So I'd like to double the time value of every note and rest in the score, i.e., every quarter note becomes a half note, every eighth note becomes a quarter note. Same for rests. A quarter rest becomes a half rest, an eighth rest becomes a quarter rest, etc.
Obviously, the score would now contain twice as many measures, but I could now use a decent tempo and counting for the musicians would be easier.
I could, of course, re-enter the entire score, but is there a quicker way to do this ??
Thank you.

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I would set the tempo to 120. What you actually want to do is make every note half as long. This would do what you want.

If you really want to half the duration of every note use But I ask, do you really want 64th and 32nd notes written in this score?

Edit: after trying 120BPM and listening to it, that probably too fast. I suggest you play with a tempo between 90-110 to find a good one. But that is nothing but my personal opinion.

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Thank you !!! At first glance, your score looks really good.
Getting a little late here to anything with your score tonight, but I'll add my slurs, chords, etc., tomorrow and make a full report.
And thanks again. This makes my day !!

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