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• Nov 8, 2018 - 18:36

I would really love to see the playback tool of MuseScore adequately interpret and render hairpin signs or the equivalent text annotations 'crescendo' and 'diminuendo' for continuous volume change


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I'm asking for a 'continuous' volume change - that's what crescendo or diminuendo - or a hairpin - stands for, in music. Using dynamics, as suggested does not do that. It changes the volume, but suddenly, in one step, from the note the dynamics is assigned to. I have used dynamics a few times before, and it does not address what I described initially. Moreover, if you have to add dynamics before and after the hairpin, then the hairpin itself is certainly not being interpreted, but rather, the dynamics signs around it.

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To be clear: MuseScore can playback crescendo and decrescendo if there is more than one note over which the cresc. or dim. is applied. If you have for example a C major scale of one octave, with a p dynamic at the start and a f dynamic at the end and a cresc. between the two dynamics, MuseScore will play each next note a little louder than the previous note already.

What MuseScore can't do yet, is to play a whole note C with a p at the start and an f at the end with a cresc. so that the volume at the start of the first beat is p and the volume at the end of the fourth beat gradually climbed to f on a single note.

If you still have problems, please attach the score so we can try to figure it out.

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To be clear:

MuseScore does not implement MIDI volume change in any way whatsoever. It uses velocity to control dynamics. That is why crescendos do not work on single notes. If you have four notes in a row with a crescendo, each is louder than the previous, but there is no volume change within the note.

There has been work to do this in a future version (I believe using the "expression" controller, although I'm fuzzy on the details). I do not believe that work was ever completed, and in any case it definitely is not in current development builds for 3.0. I have no doubt it will happen someday, but playback remains very much secondary in priority to notation.

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It's good to know you are satisfied with the notation features! However, while very good in many ways, there is still a long ways to go, as you can see if you try out development builds MsueScore 3 and see how much is being done already, and where some of the things left to be done still are. Compared to the top competitors like Finale, Sibelius, and now Dorico, there are a number of significant areas for improvement left that hinder wider use of MuseScore among professional composers and engravers (among others). We certainly do an amazing job considering this is free and open source software, but since the primary purpose of MuseScore is to create notated scores, doing the best we can on that front remains the top priority. Playback improvements do happen as well, but it's important to keep the primary purpose of MuseScore in mind.

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Regarding playback, I'm missing the ability to change dynamics during single notes (, which is a issue that is being being delayed release after release of MuseScore. Now that issue 5178 is marked only as a "Suggestion" in the priority field.

The issue was opened in 2010, so it's 8 years old, and I don't understand why it not given a high priority (Anatoly-os marked a PR in as "Priority") in September,

I'd suggest to start with a rebase from the previous PR, , which was discarded which seemed a more general approach at the time. As iPR 2722 seems to be much more complex, perhaps starting with that previous PR would be far easier to implement in the current code?

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"If you have four notes in a row with a crescendo, each is louder than the previous, ..." I've tried that in one of my scores and it did not work. The volume remains the same, with and without the crescendo notation. The same goes for the hairpin - there is no change in volume from note to note when I use it across a row of notes.
I'm using MuseScore 2.3.2 and, as far as I can tell, I'm using the lines notations the right way. Am I missing something here?

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