Musescore and Surface Pro

• Nov 13, 2018 - 11:10

Ho hai.

Im a non-professional bass player.
And im looking, maybe, on the next Surface pro 2019 for a musical use. I need a machine to read and especially to transcribe songs to music sheets. I wish I could put the tablet on a music stand, and work on it without the keyboard.
But I wonder if the use of Musescore via a touch screen and pen (more accurate) is viable.

Can we add notes "by clicking", move notes, as we would with a mouse?
I'm afraid that the interaction Musescore / touch screen is more of a brake compared to the classic keyboard / mouse.

So if you have any feedbacks about Surface+MS, do not hesitate to share.
Im also curious about how musescore and pdf scores use the display space. So if you have a SP, do not hesitate to share screen captures or photos.



Yes, you can "click" add notes (more difficult in my opinion). Just hover over the line and click. Also, you can click the duration of the note, etc. I don't know if you would be able to do tuplets with just clicking though.

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The Surface Go in W10s mode is basically a tablet that will pretty much only run software from the Windows Store. The version of MuseScore in the Store is 64 bit, which the Go is not. Hard to say if it will work.

OTOH, if you get rid of the S mode in favor of full Windows, you could install the 32bit version of MuseScore. Oh, and get a bigger SD card. You give up the security of the S mode, but get more flexibility.

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