Switching directly from Rhythm Input to Note Input crashes MS 2.3.2

• Nov 13, 2018 - 17:40

I've started using Rhythm Input and Re-Pitch since i've come back to MS, and i love it!
However, on occasion, MuseScore 2.3.2. will CTD when i go directly from either of these (after using them) to the standard Note Input. The only way to avoid it is to escape input and then go into Note Input. While i try to remember not to go directly, i often slip up coz i get fixated on entering the notes.
Switching out of Note Input to other entry methods, or any other direct switches do not cause the crash.

Fortunately, autosave helps MS recover most of the last session, but can we get this fixed for the next release?


Can you be precise on the steps to reproduce this so we can make 2.3.2 crash also? We can then see if we get the same results in the 3.0 being worked on. I tried Rhythm input then clicked on the icon to switch to step-time and did not get a crash.

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I did the work on #278339. Issue is that the InputState from score->inputState() is initially has an invalid duration value of 0. This changes as soon as you click on a note or select a note duration from the toolbar. Not sure if related to your issue.

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