Musescore 2.3.2 crashes when switching from Re-Pitch mode to step-time note input

• Aug 31, 2018 - 20:02

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce at will – I’ve had the problem about 10+ times. Everytime Musescore has been in Re-pitch mode and I’ve switched to step-time note input. The moment I enter a note Musecore crashes.

I’ve attached the crash report.
OS: OS X 10.13, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 2.3.2, revision: 4592407

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Stack traces are seldom as much help as one would think. As it is I can verify the crash happened while you were trying to enter a pitch, but there's not much more I can say :-). Probably it had to do with the specific duration of the note/rest you were replacing, and the duration you were replacing it with.

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I have a simple example involving re-pitch that leads to crash.
Start musescore -> in start centre: Create New Score -> next -> template Treble Clef -> Finish -> click on the first bar -> change to re-pitch mode -> press 0 (shortcut for rest) - the program crashes.
This happened to me a few times. Re-pitch is a useful feature so devs, please, could you fix that? Also, I'd like to have a keyboard shortcut for entering step-time(default) mode again from re-pitch mode (maybe also Ctrl+Shift+I ?) It would be much quicker than doing it with the mouse. As far as I know you cannot set this shortcut in preferences.

OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.3.2, revision: 4592407

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I can confirm this crash. Could you report it formally to the issue tracker via Help / Report a Bug?

Meanwhile, note that what you describe would not be a useful thing to do anyhow - repitch mode is only meant for cases where you have already entered notes and now you want to change the pitch. So this particular crash shouldn't get in the way of the normal use of the function.

The idea of toggling mdoes via shortcut has come up before, definitely a good idea. I thought I remembered it being implemented already but apparently not?

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regarding usefulness - I just wanted to provide a really simple scenario of this problem-
I've realised it happened to me a few times like this:
Say, I am copying an existing SATB sheet (on a paper) into musecore. I finish the soprano part. I notice that the alto part is rhythmically the same. So I copy soprano notes to the alto staff, switch to re-pitch mode, edit the notes. Then I press Esc and I forget to turn off the re-pitch mode. Wanting to continue inserting notes in default mode in some bar starting, say on the 3rd beat i select the whole bar rest and press zero. Whoaa - crash!.
(I often insert just some note or rest - and then edit its duration with Q,W, Ctrl-Q, Ctrl-W shortcuts, that's why I may press zero here - to get into the inserting mode faster. And I guess it's not just me)

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Exactly. That is the way I use it too. I guess many users entering SATB scores work this way.
As Marc points out " the bug appears only when the feature is used incorrectly" i.e. the user forget to turn off the re-pitch mode. Does it justify a special release? I don't know. The many times I've had the problem, I haven't lost any work, it has so far only been a nuisance having to restart MuseScore. Personally I can live with it till the next regular update

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Just one thing with the Q,W shortcuts and re-pitch mode.
Writing - SATB score, Alto is almost rhythmically the same as soprano
So I write soprano, then copy soprano to alto and want to use Re-pitch mode
case 1: in one place Soprano has two eight notes, Alto has a quarter note in that place
- I can use the W key - changing the first eight note to the quarter one - OK, nice
case 2: vice-versa - in one place Soprano has a quarter note, Alto has two eight notes in that place
- I cannot use the Q key to divide the quarter note into two eights I'd be very glad if it were possible
- maybe possibility to insert a note when at a rest (I am not sure, maybe it's against of re-pitch mode design)
- It's necessary to go back to do step-time mode and I don't have a shortcut for that - well, not so nice :-)

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I can't speak for anyone else, but from my perspective, this is a pretty uncommonly-used feature, and the bug appears only when the feature is used incorrectly, and there have been only these two reports in the several years the feature has been available. To me that's nowhere near enough to justify a special release.

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