Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Feature Request: Add more means to zoom in Piano Roll Editor. Sambaji 7 4 months ago
Forum topic Trouble building Musescore blackears 13 4 months ago
Issue Support keyboard playback while score playback is engaged blackears 7 6 months ago
Issue After installing Musescore for first time, Musescore will cover all available monitors blackears 2 8 months ago
Issue It should be possible to re-init MIDI IN after plugging in new MIDI keyboard blackears 6 8 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 Handbook progress Marc Sabatella 13 8 months ago
Issue Piano roll editor: adjustment issues, including crash geetar 24 9 months ago
Issue Selection in Piano Roll Editor not respecting modifier keys blackears 4 9 months ago
Issue Icon licences mirabilos 12 9 months ago
Issue Restore buttons for muting individual voices within a staff blackears 6 9 months ago
Issue Remove unnecessary timer from Piano Roll Editor blackears 2 9 months ago
Forum topic Piano Roll Editor v.3 - Tuplet control neGjodsbol 10 9 months ago
Forum topic New Pianoroll Editor: uniform cutoff-time advance of notes in a selection range? dhfx 26 9 months ago
Issue Mixer: Feedback on reworked Ui kuwitt 17 9 months ago
Issue Allow for note cutoff time to be specified in absolute rather than relative values blackears 2 9 months ago
Issue Provide button to hide detail area in mixer blackears 5 9 months ago
Issue Allow copy and paste of notes in Piano Roll Editor blackears 2 9 months ago
Issue Allow individual stripes to be highlighted in Pianoroll Editor blackears 1 9 months ago
Issue Crash on change sound for channel added via instrument change Marc Sabatella 10 9 months ago
Issue Mixer volume display is inconsistent mike320 8 9 months ago
Issue Crash when adding note to piano roll before inputState is initialized blackears 6 10 months ago
Forum topic Reworking the Mixer UI blackears 15 10 months ago
Issue selecting the play panel leads to crash kuwitt 16 10 months ago
Issue Pianoroll editor: note-duration bar length does not update immediately dhfx 5 10 months ago
Issue Selecting "Show channels" in the new Mixer crashes Jojo-Schmitz 4 10 months ago