How to have MIDI keyboard play different part?

• Dec 8, 2016 - 23:59

I'm having trouble figuring out how to control the playback voice for input via the MIDI keyboard.

I have a USB MIDI keyboard that I'm using for input. It does not have a built in speaker and relies on the computer to produce sound.

I created a 4 part woodwind score and by default the flute plays when I press the keys on my keyboard. I am trying to figure out how to get it to play any of the other parts. When figuring out what to write for the clarinet or bassoon, it would be nice to play some notes on my keyboard and have musescore respond with the voice of the other instruments - however, I can only seem to get it to play as a flute. Even selecting a note in other staves does not switch the voice.


I cannot reproduce this problem using 2.0.1 and a Korg Nanokey-2 midi keyboard on Win7. The computer plays back the sound of the proper instrument for the staff in which I am doing the input.

If you are in note input mode, it should play back using that sound. If you are not in note input mode, it uses the top staff to determine the sound if nothing is selected, but if something is selected on a different staff, it *should* use that sound, and does for me in 2.0.3. Note it has to be an actual range selection - merely clicking a note doesn't seem to be enough.

It might be a nice feature to add something to the GUI ... say, a small semi-transparent glyph that looks a bit like a keyboard, to make it crystal-clear which staff is the target of MIDI input.   Bonus-points if this is a clickable (radio) button ...

It should be very easy to toggle this display on-and-off, so that if you are not using MIDI note input you will not see it at all.   (This would also serve to alert you that MIDI input is not being considered by the software.)

When I switch from viewing the whole score to just viewing the individual instrument (flute) part the midi output corresponds to the right instrument (the flute).

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