Tuplet numbers don't use the Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin

• Nov 13, 2018 - 20:14
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When selecting Bravura to be used as the font for the tuplet numbers, MuseScore doesn't use the symbols provided by the font. I've attached a screenshot showcasing the tuplet symbol manually dragged from the master palette (below), vs. what I actually get (above).

OS: Windows 10 x64

MuseScore versions tested: 3.0.0, revision: ef48b60, 2.3.2, revision: 4592407

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Title Bravura tuplet symbols not used when Bravura Text is selected Tuplet symbols don't use Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif

Tuplet text style needs to also get changed to Bravura Text (same issue exists when switching to MuseJazz)

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Just to make sure all is understood about how I tested this:
1. I've tried changing the font in "Format > Style > Tuplets > Number > Font Face".
2. I've also tried changing the font using the Inspector.

The font I've been selecting is Bravura Text.

Also, I'm not really sure that tuplet text is currently shown in FreeSerif. I've attached a screenshot showcasing FreeSerif when I've specifically selected it, and it looks different than the one in my original screenshot. Don't know if that matters, but the information might be useful.

Good point about font switching as well. It needs to be done on all elements when switching musical text font in "Format > Style > Score".

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Yes, but what I was saying is that I'm not sure about MuseScore actually defaulting to FreeSerif when Bravura Text is selected, as it looks like a different font to me.

What is the proposed change in behavior? We honor the tuplet font selection in text styles. Changing music notation fonts doens't normally update text styles. nor should it. Even if you change "Musical text font", th staff text, title, and other elements remain FreeSerif (or whatever they were previous set to). not sure why one would expect tuplets to go one way versus the other?

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The proposed change it to make tuplet numbers using the musical text font and automatically switches with that. It isn't a bug though that it does not.
Might be useful for Chord symbol style too?

Thanks for the interest in this issue!

The thing that is a bug is that tuplet text doesn't use musical font when specifically told to. I'd like to use Bravura symbols. Might be an issue with SMuFL font handling?
The thing that is a suggestion is to automatically switch tuplet text to musical font, unless the specific tuplet uses a custom font already.

Well, no, tuplet numkbers are treated as mere mortal text, and as such default to FreeSerif.
You can change then to Bravura Text and that does work, so no bug here, but changing the musical text font doesn't influence this particular text style and that much is by design.

The request is to not treat it as normal text but as musical text and as such follow the musical text font setting.

I apologize, but I'm having trouble understanding your reply. I've attached a screenshot that shows that I've selected Bravura Text for the tuplet, but I'm not getting the tuplet symbol that can be found in Master Palette > Symbols > Tuplets. Are you getting a different result on your end? Is there a fundamental misunderstanding on my side about how this should work?

Thanks again for your time!

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It worked for me in 2.3.2, not yet checked in 3.0

Hmm, OK, I guess I see what you mean (in 2.3.2):
2.3.2-FreeSerif.png vs. 2.3.2-BravuraText.png
They are different but don't look like the Text Symbols I placed next to it.
Same for 3.0 Beta 2:
3.0-FreeSerif.png vs. 3.0-BravuraText.png

As far as I know that *is& the regular "3" provided in Bravura Text. What you are presumably looking at in the Symbols palette isn't the regular "3", it's the special tuplet "3". So indeed, Bravura Text doesn't quite give what you would want here to get that particular symbol. I think the only way to do that would be to make tuplets use the special tuplet symbols rather than regular numbers, and that only work if the code is changed to make these not plain text and hence not tied to text styles at all, but to the musical text font. And we'd have to make sure to do reasonable things with all the other tuplets (eg, 13:4 etc would need to look good too).

It's a reasonable suggestion but I think not trivial.

BTW, others might want to use regular text fonts if they have one they like or want consistency. Maybe what we really need is an option like we have for ottavas, to use the symbol vs plain text.

Title Tuplet symbols don't use Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif Tuplet symbols don't use Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin
Reported version 2.3  
Title Tuplet symbols don't use Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin Tuplet numbers don't usethe Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin
Title Tuplet numbers don't usethe Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin Tuplet numbers don't use the Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin