Soundfonts Needed!

• Nov 18, 2018 - 23:20

I am currently content with many of my other soundfonts used for instruments, but I just want new soundfonts for the following:
•Bass Clarinet (specifically bass clarinet, not Bb clarinet)
•Alto Saxophone
•Baritone Saxophone
and an extra effect:
•Crash Cymbal choke
For the choke, I already notated it and tried my best to recreate the sound but it definitely could be better.

If you see this and happen to have any soundfonts for any of the following instruments, please leave them down below! Thank you!


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FWIW - I use the Aegean to supplement the MuseScore default font. I am pleased with the sound of the bass clarinet. One thing to note: make sure to check your mixer before you get started. Where it says "sound" the default entry seems to be clarinet, resulting in having to make sure I scroll down the list to find bass clarinet to enter. (same with "Horn in F" default is "french horns" as opposed to solo horn) Maybe this is because I have two fonts? Not sure... thought I'd let you know.

The Aegean also has the saxophones you've requested and a euphonium, but I've not heard them.

And yes, we need a piatti choke.

Now that I have polyphone sound fonts 1.9 I can not figure out how to transfer that sound font that I created to musescore 2.3. I'm trying out tutorials on Youtube no luck can you help me

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