Confused about the relation between Score Properties and printed Title Frame

• Nov 25, 2018 - 18:48

I'm trying to revise the Title Frame (i.e., text box printed before the score on Page 1) of an existing .mscz file. It appears as though when a new score is initially created a small subset of the score properties (Title, Subtitle, Lyricist, Composer) get placed in this Title Frame. However, those properties can be subsequently revised but the text in the Title Frame remains unchanged. Could that possibly be by design? It would seem to me that basic/normal integrity considerations would preserve whatever relationship was/is intended. In that why fool a novice user, like myself, into thinking there is a relationship that quickly gets terminated. I'd also point out that during score creation there was an element called Subtitle that subsequently just seems to go missing (i.e., no such thing in Score Properties).

When it comes to subsequent revision it looks like it becomes the responsibility of the user to update both the Title Frame as well as the Score Properties which risks discrepancies associated with normal user error. However, this method seems to also be limited to changing elements that were specified when the score is initially created. If one of these elements is omitted upon initial score creation there ends up being nothing that can be changed in the Title Frame. What am I failing to recognize here?


It is be design and documented that way.

This is not to say that it is good design ;-) and options to be able refer to meta tags outside header and footer have been made in the past.

But also consider several scores in one file, different titles and composers (think a songbog for example), how to reflect that in score properties?

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Thanks, while not addressing the disconnect between printed Title Frame and Score Properties, I had NOT discovered the right-click capabilities and I suppose that even if not documented that is something that is basic enough to deserve being tried. My mistake for failing to do that. This does address my concern about how to update elements that were omitted at the time the score is first created. A big help.

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