How to merge voices after abitrary assinments in PDF import

• Nov 29, 2018 - 15:39

After importing PDF files with a single voice, the score is often quite accurate except that for some reason, the import process assigns some notes to voice 2 and puts the equivalent rest in voice 1.
PDF import splits to multiple voices.PNG

As the import process is carried on elsewhere I don't suppose I can stop that from happening but is there a way I can get MuseScore to just merge everything into voice 1? Otherwise I have to check every note in the score, hunt for notes in the wrong voice and edit them manually.



With what you have selected, you can press ctrl+alt+1 or click the voice 1 button and all of the notes will end up in voice 1 as expeted, unless the voice 2 note is cross staff notation from a second staff on the instrument. This is true because there is no overlap of the notes between the voices. It would not work if the second part of the tie in the second measure were a quarter note.

Sorry, I somehow imagined I saw the word MIDI here, not PDF. So my original answer is nonsense, but here it for anyone wondering:

Most likely the notes really do overlap slightly, not by enough to make it appear that way once things are rounded off for notation purposes, but enough that MuseScore separates it into voices. Best to quantize both note starts and stops before trying to import.

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