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• Dec 2, 2018 - 02:03
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S3 - Major
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Sometimes selecting a note and starting playback causes playback to jump ahead 1 - 5 measures and pause for a significant amount of time.


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Not autosave in my case.
Only when starting playback part way through.
Not associated with a particular point in score, deleting earlier parts of the score or removing instruments, moves problem further on towards the end.
It varies depending on the soundfont.
Easily reproducible for a particular score although the effect is fairly random, never happens on other larger / smaller scores, as yet I have not identified the difference.
Export as mxl and re-import from mxl does not solve the problem.
Looks like a timing / unset variable.
Am installing on a slower computer to see if the effect is different.
Keep you posted with, hopefully, a simple score that shows the problem.

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I have failed to install 32 bit Windows version on an (even) older computer (“not a valid 32 bit executable”) so I am sending a small score that shows the problem ON MY MAIN MACHINE (Windows 7 64 bit SP1 (a plague on 8 and 10), Intel P 6000, 1.87 GHz). and a description.
If as seems likely, the problem is not reproducible on another computer, I will have to look further.

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As the problem was more serious with MuseScore_General, I tried shortening the score to 12 measures (Magyar Sandwich14c2.mscz). It still failed when starting playback at measure 9.
As it was converted from V2, I tried recreating and reentering it in V3 (Magyar Sandwich14c2r.mscz). It still failed when starting at measure 9.
Deleting tempo, dynamics, articulations made no difference.
I had been working in concert pitch, continuous view. So I tried saving it as a transposed score (Magyar Sandwich14c2r transposed.mscz). It still failed when starting at measure 9.
When I loaded it, it displayed transposed, but the ribbon said concert pitch. When I clicked the concert pitch button it was DOUBLE TRANSPOSED. I have not seen this effect with any other score.
I tried saving it as page view. It still failed when starting at measure 9.