measure numbers on irregular (pickup) measuses in all but 1st system show on 2nd measure of that system

• Dec 10, 2018 - 09:20
Reported version
S3 - Major
by design

When useing the default measure numbers or havinf a measure number once on every system but the 1st
and have an irrregulkar measure (pickup measure, excluded from measure count) in the 2nd or subsequent system
the 2nd measure in that system gets a measure number.

(wnen ticking 'first' in the settings for measure numbers, the 1st system 'suffers' from the same issue)

This wasn't the case in 2.x so is regression

Workaround(s) make invisble or set measure nnumbering from auto to now for that measeure


If you're saying the "pickup" (shortened) measure doesn't get a measure number but the first full measure does, then I'm pretty sure this is by design, I remember it being specifically requested a few months ago. Seems the more sensible behavior to me anyhow?

I've definitely seen this in published music, especially choral music. I don't have any way to say exactly how common it is. Someone who owns a license could also check to see what other engravers do; a web search immediately shows that Finale has a "Show Measure Numbers at Start of Staff System" option and recommends that split measures be excluded from the count, but I can't see anything documenting how these two options interact.

In any case, I really do think this is the right behavior. If you ask for measure numbers at the start of every system, the engraver should indeed attempt to give you a measure number at the start of every system, and if a system starts with an uncounted split measure, the only consistent way to do that is to number the first measure that begins on that system. I can't think of any reason why this behavior would be undesired. I think this is a clear improvement in 3.0.