MuseScore 3.0 Beta: Playback starts always from begin even when a meausure is selected

• Dec 11, 2018 - 22:03

Hello, I've noted that if a select a measure MuseScore 3 playback starts always from begin and not from the selected measure.

With MuseScore 2.3 if I select a measure the playback starts from there. I find it useful, when I want to play from a measure it is easier. Also for accompainement this possibility is great.

With MuseScore 3 I have to read the number of the measure and set it in the playback control.

A possibility to start playback from selection would be appreciated.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Are by chance working on a score that has parts, and trying to do playback from the part? If so, that's a known bug that is already fixed in current nightly builds.

If that's not what you mean, please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem so we can investigate.

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Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes, I was trying the playback from the part, you are right, from the score there are no problems and however now I know that the bug is already fixed.

Anyway the playback from the part is now much better with MuseScore 3, I can play the piano or orchestra part while I see the solo (violin) part, this is very very useful for the accompaniment, with MuseScore 2 I had to play always only from the score, now I can play also direct even from the part. This is great!!!

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Great! FWIW, reception has been mixed (no pun intended) at best on having the part play the full score - many people don't like that. But the idea is, you can also get the old behavior by going to the Mixer and soloing your part. It's possible the default might change to soloing the part so you'd have to manually un-solo it..

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For the default behavior for me there no problems, if I have the possibility to change with the settings and reproduce from the part the other parts. That MuseScore 2.3 doesn't allow and MuseScore 3 is much better for this. So, if default is solo, I can however switch to mute.

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