Can't move notes across staves

• Dec 17, 2018 - 14:52

I'm on Mac.

Command + Shift + Up or Down Arrow is supposed to move selected notes to the adjacent staff above or below.

This works when I create a new file from scratch. It doesn't work on files imported from musicxml. The notes never move away from the staff they are on.

Saving the file in musescore format and opening the .mscz file doesn't change anything, still doesn't work.

Any way to get it to work?



it only works on a single instrument with multiple staves (like piano, organ), not on multiple instruments with one staff each.
So I guess your MusicXML file is contructed wrongly somehow, it it does use Piano, but now 1 with 2 staves, but 2 with 1 staff

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Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. The staves are intentionally separate because the piece is for two-manual organ, and to get 2-Track MIDI output from a Grand Staff the clefs have to be separate instruments. Works fine for that, but in a performance score the notes sometimes should appear on one staff or the other.

It only works on multi staff instruments like a piano.

It won't work on two single staff instruments like clarinets. You can add a staff to a single staff instrument in the instrument dialog (press i) but you will probably have to fix the clef on the second instrument. You can then use cross staff notation on this instrument. This would be quite unusual though.

If this doesn't help, attach the score.

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Thanks. Yes I think what I'll have to do is add a staff to the top instrument, then copy everything from the bass instrument to that staff, and then I should be able to move things between the staves. Is that right?

[edit] ... to answer my own question, yes, that works :)

Thanks for the help guys!

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